Tips to Quit


(In a serendipitous bit of “oh crap!” irony, as I fumbled with my vape waiting for WP to load just now,  I nearly dropped my vape into my glass of tea. No lie. It’s life flashed before my eyes. I have no clue how I saved it… it was headed for a sugary death. *sigh* That was close!)

Well, as I have been spreading the word of my sucess with putting down the smokes I have gotten questions about how.

Well, friends… here is MY advice about changing from smoking to vaping!

1. FIRST- YOU MUST WANT TO QUIT. Period. If you don’t WANT it, you won’t stick to it.

2. Go to a Vape shop. Look on Facebook, at reviews for different shops in your area. We scouted out three in our area, turns out the one with the best reviews was really the best!

3. Make sure the shop has a Vape “bar” or “lounge” where you can try different flavors. Make sure you do this on a day you have no other plans. Give yourself time to find what you like. *if you don’t like your juice, you won’t like your vape!*

4. Talk to the people at the Vape shop. They *should* have knowledge of the products. (Best one I went to-the lady had her vape in hand!) Ask what they like and why. Hold the vape, see how it feels in your hand. Make sure it’s easy for you.

5. Ask about the functionality and practicality of each vape. They have models that target different points all along the spectrum of smokers.  There are ones for social smokers who just smoke when they drink to models for people who want to look like a choo choo train! (Basically the more you smoke, the more battery (mAh) you want. (1 and 1/2 pack a day for me, I got a 2200mAh)


Eleaf iStick 2200 mAh

6. If you are a moderate to heavy smoker (if you smoke a pack or more a day) learn this phrase and learn it well: VARIABLE VOLTAGE.
This is what you want! DO NOT GO CHEAP! Being able to adjust your hit will help your cravings! TRUST ME!

7. Remember- you get what you pay for. That $20.00 ready to go model might seem convenient at the moment, but I promise you will not be as satisfied! If you want to ENJOY this and SUCCEED… do it right!

8. If you have tried e cigs previously and failed with them… please realize, there is a difference between the “gas station” brands like Blu disposable e cigs and a vaporizer! Vapes are SOOO MUCH better! This is from experience!

9. THE JUICE! Ok, e juice is comprised of 4 ingredients- P.G., V.G, nicotine (opt), and flavor. P.G. is Propylene Glycol. This enhances flavor and gives a “throat hit” that some smokers desire. ( Butthead and I did not) V.G. is Vegetable Glycerine. This produces good, smooth vapor. I prefer a High VG juice. It provides a smoother, more satisfying vapor. My juice is 75/25 VG/PG blend. Most juice is 50/50. Ask questions and know what you are trying so you know what direction you want to go!


***I hope this helps! If you have any questions- please ask! I am so excited about this healthy journey! I would love to help more folks join this path!***



3 thoughts on “Tips to Quit

  1. This post is fortuitous as I was driving through town yesterday and saw a vapor shop. There was no explanation as to what it was – just a huge picture of a woman looking satisfied…and since it was in the seedy section of town I had a completely different idea of what it might be about. And it was attached to an auto garage. Seemed weird. Thanks for the explanation! I wish you luck with quitting smoking! Better health and saves money…and nicer skin. Keep strong!

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