No Filter Round 2


This was such a hit- I had to do this again!

If you missed my first post… check out “No Filter” a couple of posts down↓↓↓

So… MIL has provided more hilarious quips for me to share- enjoy! 😉

Telling me about her trip to the DFACS office-
“You see a lot of funny people in there, ya know? Not funny ‘haha’, but funny ‘peculiar’.”

After scolding her female dog-
“And that’s why they call them bitches!”

After getting cut off in traffic-
“Yeah… go ahead, I might have brakes! You don’t know!!!”

Sees teenager in suped up Honda next to her at red light. Chuckles to self as red light turns and she guns it, leaving Honda boy in her dust.-

Well that’s all I have for now! I know I will have more soon! Stayed tuned!! Til next time, lovelies!♡♡♡



4 thoughts on “No Filter Round 2

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