What’s A Girl To Do?

As many of you saw, I have been struggling to cope with Besties new role as a mommy x2.

I took a cue from the comments you lovelies made and reached out to see how things were going. Turns out, she’s quite busy. Not in the “my hands are full” kind of busy, but already bouncing around to her cousins who have just had babies to have play dates kind of busy.

Now, we (Butthead and I) usually accompany her, Loud Mouth, and their daughter to Trick or Treat. This year, I get this reply- “We already have plans, maybe we can hang next weekend” When I replied “oh, okay.” I get the consolation text of “you can join us if you want, my cousins and I are taking the kids to the square.”

Sigh. Am I being unfair to feel like an outcast? I feel like I am losing her to other mommy friends/family. It’s like this rollercoaster of emotions:
“she doesn’t need me.”
“Maybe she does, she is just busy”
“she’s not too busy, she just needs other mommies- not me.”

HELP! How can I shake this? Or am I just going to have to deal with the fact that being a mommy 2x over changes the game so much… we just won’t be able to connect like before?

I am scared of losing her… but I feel like I’d sound whiny or bitchy to if I say anything. I dunno what to do. Any advice?



6 thoughts on “What’s A Girl To Do?

  1. Oh my… I see where you are coming from… Tricky… See, when you are a mom, you suddenly find, that you are relating more to other moms’ issues, as they are the same you have. You can no longer kind of understand the not-a-mom-yet issues… And maybe this is why she kind of sticks to her cousins with the kids? I feel a bit weird giving you an advice, as clearly my last one did not help you… pffff… You know what: Tell her. Tell her, that you are afraid of loosing her and feeling left out. Tell her, that you would love to be part of her life still and that you miss her. Look, your dynamic will change. Now, kids are involved and that changes your life big time. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be out of the picture. Things will just shift slightly. I guess, it just needs a good chat between the two of you and a honest spill of your feelings without accusations.

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  2. I can definitely see how that text would hurt, but as a mom of two perhaps she feels like you would be bored watching a bunch of screaming hooligans. πŸ˜‰ I wonder if perhaps you express your feelings with her things could resolve themselves. Communication is key.

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