No Filter


No filter. This is a condition that has been created and lovingly defined through experiencing my Mother in Law at her finest (and sometimes, not finest) moments.

I love my MIL. She is a helluva woman, works like crazy, raised four kids (most of those years by herself) and can still run circles around me at 65.

The things that spout from this woman’s mouth… Lord, help me! Will make you crack up, bug your eyes, or slink away in silence.

No Filter-isms:

-in response to neighbors shooting off fireworks at 8pm this past Sunday: “He needs to stop that! (Mutters. ..) use those things as a suppository… that’ll change his mind!”

-bank teller won’t let her withdraw off a check just deposited: “That is the STUPIDEST policy I’ve ever heard of! You WON’T let me have MY money? Ha! KEEP IT! I WON’T BE BACK!”

-To me, in Wal-Mart: “How’s the weight loss going? (Good) Great! We need to get you walking more and have a baby… we need more babies in the family! ”

-In the Mexican restraunt with her sisters: *some one mentions Lesbians (or Lisbins as she says) she pops her head up* “My neighbors are funny like that” and goes back to eating  **disclaimer- she isn’t hateful… I swear, she really just DOESN’T think of how bad things sound sometimes!**

-Dropping my step brother in law off at work, as soon as he step out the car- commenting on his massive overuse of cologne: “Smells like a french whore…”

LOL AND SMH! See why I constantly facepalm… 😀

Do any of your friends or family suffer from a lack of filter?  Let me know! Til next time!



10 thoughts on “No Filter

  1. OMG! I would love a mother-in-law that was as funny as yours (intentional or not!) Mine has a “no filter” problem but it tends to work in a not-so-humorous way of open criticism and being far too judgmental towards her family! I swear she’s giving me cancer. I’m considering writing a regular post of her cruelties and unusual perceptions of this world but fear that would make me cruel myself! What do you think?! Should I? 🙂

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    • Thank you! She has her moments too, but she means well. As far as your MIL goes- I see it this way… blogging is therapeutic. Perhaps you can use her remarks and turn them into positives. Take a criticism and take the sting out of it by detailing how you’ve overcome it. Triumph in the face of harsh criticism. Vent, but be graceful. Remember, once its out there, it can travel 😉 Best wishes!


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