Change for the Better

So, today has been my first full day with a vape.


eLeaf iStick with KangerTech ProTank2
It’s cute, fits my hand and I think it will work for me. Where as I would have already smoked a full pack today, I have smoked 7 cigs. Only reason I have even smoked those is to get rid of them. I am pretty proud of myself! I hope I can keep it up.


I love my ejuice flavor 🙂 key lime and margarita! It is 75/25 VG to PG.  It gives a great hit and plenty of satisfying vapor.

I am currently vaping as I write this. I feel like a cig at the moment, but if I didn’t have a pack right in front of me, I think I could handle not smoking. I am testing my strength. Looking at the pack, but puffing my vape. So far so good…

I have to remind myself… this is for the best. Quitting smoking will help me breathe better, exercise better and feel better.  I do worry about nicotine withdrawl. It causes food cravings. I worry this will hurt my weight loss… but time will tell! Wish me luck, and if you pray, say a little prayer for me too,  please! ♡



10 thoughts on “Change for the Better

  1. Good luck to you! You can do it, no doubt. I started vaping April 1st, and haven’t looked back since. After 39 years of smoking and trying many times to quit, vaping did it. The withdrawl is difficult, not from the nicotine, but the many other chemicals in a cig. My best advice to you is to change your routines if you can, keep your vape equipment handy and drink lots of water. I treated myself to a gel manicure for the first 3 months. Gave me something to look at when my hands felt empty, and, since I justified the expense because of not spending money on cigs, I would have felt tremendously guilty if I started smoking again. OK, I realize that sounds silly, but, that’s me and my warped thought process!

    Go for it!! You can do it.

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