I am in a mood

Boy, I am just in a mood I cannot escape from today. I really need more female friends in my life.

Someone I can talk to, unfortunately… all my friends are Mommies now, and well… don’t have time for me. Bestie has not called or text me since little man came home. He will be a month old next Thursday.

I understand this is an important settling in time for them. I understand she must be exhausted from breastfeeding every three hours, that is expected. I just feel lonely.

I have Butthead, yes… but, I grow tired of him. Okay, that sounds mean. I mean, I grow tired of it just being him. Day in and day out, I need a new person to talk to. I feel excluded from the ever growing mommy club. It’s doublely frustrating because I WANT to be in that club.

As I sit here, I feel like crying. I hate facebook these days. It just reminds me of how everyone else is expecting or loving their mommy life. I feel like I am withdrawing into a shell because I can’t fit in.

How did I get here? I put all my friendship eggs in one basket and now that basket has forgotten how to hold those eggs… so now the eggs lie smashed on the floor.

Ok. Stupid analogy. But, shit. I am not enjoying myself, I am a pitiful depressed person. I dislike this “me.”

Sigh. I just needed to vent. Maybe this has helped. Time will tell.



8 thoughts on “I am in a mood

  1. I totally understand you. Now, from a mom’s point of view: Your best friend needs you too. She has just no time to let you know. You know, your brain does not work the same way during this time. I remember that I did not realize how fast time moves by and I felt totally left out. Happy but left out. I felt like I don’t want to bother my not-a-mom friends with my issue and have them sit around with me. And I missed them. Until my friend reached out to me and spent an entire day with me. That was probably in my 2nd month as a mom. And I needed an adult around me. Reach out to her! Visit her and change diapers and hold the baby. She will appreciate it. As a new mom this is priceless, as you might be able to take a shower in peace or go to the bathroom in no rush. Or bring her some of her fav food. Just offer her those things. And I am so sure she will appreciate it. Until you join the club, be part of it in another way. And you know what. When you join the club, they will reach out to you and be there for you in return 😉

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  2. Those first few weeks fly by. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t invited any of my friends over until well into the second month. If you reach out to her, she’ll be thrilled I’d bet. Like you, she probably needs some adult time with someone who isn’t her husband or a family member, even if it is chatting over poopy diapers and pumping.

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  3. A mom’s life is busy and yet all of us moms need friends too. 🙂 Join a mom’s group, story time, anything that will get you around other mommies. I think you may be surprised how many of them are looking for a friend. 🙂

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