Screw You, Always!

Today I had an epiphany. Nothing life changing, no. Just annoying and well, rather depressing.

Pad companies have women locked down for life. Gah!

I saw a commercial today for the Always Discrete line of pads and briefs. Basically a bunch of women rejoycing and dancing in adult diapers. Oh, jeez.

Then I thought to myself… holy crap. Always has grabbed up the slack in their market. They have completely got us now. So this is my life… this is what I have to look forward to.

Basically, once I have no need for their products for menstruation- I will need their products for peeing myself. Oh happy day. Because- as their tag line says- pee happens.

Pee happens! Yes, ladies– this is their tag line! PEE HAPPENS.
-insert facepalm here-

Now, it is my understanding that after childbirth things like sneezing and laughing cause a bit of an issue. But- is it really, diaper bad? Cause that’s scary! Hit me with the truth, lovelies!
Til next time!โ™กโ™ก



4 thoughts on “Screw You, Always!

  1. Not having a big issue at all. It is different, but still takes a lot. Best you can do after baby is to get your pelvic floor muscles back in shape. There are exercises for it. Would you like to know the easiest? Blowing up balloons! Yes!

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      • Yes! I was so surprised when I learned about that. But if you focus on kind of pulling it all in while breathing out, you work exactly those muscles… In Switzerland you get sort of a rehab course paid bu the insurance after giving birth (a couple months later), where they do certain exercises to help you get “that area” back on track. It really helped. But I have to say that Jazzercise classes do the trick too. I used to work as an instructor and after having my second baby here in Down Under did not have such a course. I sort of knew what to do, but of course you are not doing it as often as you should. And when I started doing Jazzercise again and again became an Instructor, I could definitely feel the change. So that is another option besides the balloons ๐Ÿ˜‰

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