Rant: Manners


Manners. Most know of the concept, very few seem to use them.

I break overall manners into two categories: everyday manners and table manners (etiquette).



This graphic does justice to what I was taught. The only thing missing is to ask to be excused from the table.  I have noticed from dining in public and in other people’s homes these rules are not common place AT ALL anymore.

Even TV has bolstered rude manners as “cute.” There is a paper towel commerical that drives me T-TOTAL CRAZY! You might have seen it. The one where the mom smiles as her kid blows bubbles in his chocolate milk. DEAR LORD. What?! First – and ONLY time- I ever blew bubbles in my drink I got smacked and told to NEVER do that, it is rude!

Is it new a cultural thing? That whole “let them be little” fad? Because I believe there is a difference in letting them be little and letting them be rude!



The simple stuff. Even today, I think it is important. I am even more relaxed than most. I don’t expect “ma’am” everytime, but “yes” and “no” are expected. “Yeah” , “nah”, and my kryptonite “what” are not tollerated. I give Bestie big kudos on this. Her daughter never answers with “what”, it is always “ma’am” or “sir”.

Here is a list I found that is a good idea of what I plan on teaching my kids. I wish people would pick up even *half* of these! Sad thing is- I’ve experienced more Adults who need this list than children!


So what do y’all think? Are manners lost on our society? Have an insight or a rant of your own? Post it! ↓↓↓↓
Til next time! ♡♥♡♥


6 thoughts on “Rant: Manners

  1. It seems so simple doesn’t it? I am proud to say we got compliments on how well mannered our kids are but it is less and less common. I find myself interjecting please and thank you to other people’s children ALL THE TIME. These should be basics people!

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  2. Ooooooh, idk how I missed this!!! I’m so glad I came across it though, I was wondering when I’d see your manners post. ^_^
    Right on, sister!
    Seriously though, I do think that at the moment manners ARE “lost on our society” and as you know IT DRIVES ME NUTS. On the bright side though, I do feel that can be corrected with proper parenting.
    Honestly, it can overall be summed up as one big giant STINKY lack of respect. Lack of respect for elders, for others in general, for other people’s belongings (or public property), for people’s feelings, for the environment (I mean, I’m not exactly an activist or anything, but I saw a delivery driver toss a nearly full can of pop out of his window at a stop light and you bet your ass I picked up my phone and called the store to let them know of his behavior)….
    Seriously. Zero respect. Which leads to zero manners. Which leads to asshole kids.

    UGH. Okay. Mini comment-rant over. XD

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