Healthy Choices and Not Strangling Butthead


Okay. So, yes, I smoke.

Eww…yucky…blah, get it out of the way now…

So, now that is out of the way. On to the real story.

Vaping. Good Lord Almighty… this is a whole sub-culture I had no idea about.


These folks are serious! Very inviting and helpful, though! Butthead (if you haven’t seen my cast page, check it out in the menu) and I decided to kick the butts and vape.

We got him one last Monday, I wanted to see how it went with him before I jumped ship completely.  Plus, the first (few) times in the vape shop are quite confusing. The lingo, the different set ups, flavors, nicotine amounts. Really, it’s enough to make your head spin!

I am getting more confident in this transition, though. Of course, it is right in line with the “let’s get healthy” mantra. That is the biggest plus, but also seeing Butthead doing so well with it gives me great confidence. You see, Butthead without his nic fix becomes- lets just say, unpleasant. Yet, he has been quite delightful, dare I say chipper this entire week. So, I know the temptation to strangle him will be low!

So, I have been doing my homework! I’ve narrowed it down to three options:

Innokin iTaste MVP v.2.0
(Butthead’ s style, sans bling)


→Variable voltage
→Variable wattage
→ohms meter
→puff counter
→short circuit protection
→overcharge protection
→LED battery indicator
→huge 2600 mAh poly li-ion battery
▶▶plus a lot more…

Innokin iTaste VV v.3.0


Basically the smaller, more dainty version of Buttheads vape. It has a smaller, but still adequate battery. This is middle ground.

iSmoka Eleaf Mini iJust


→variable voltage
→900 mAh
This style vape is more the visual I like and customizable, but not as quality. So I really am torn between visual customization and the function of the others.

So… any vapers out there? Input would be appreciated! Thanks! Til next time!



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