In Case Y’all Didn’t Know

So, if you haven’t figured it out…

I’m Southern. (American)

This comes with a few stereotypes, but one that IS true, this southern girl loves (American) football!

More specifically, University of Georgia football!


Yes. It is a blessing, it is a curse. Now, I am nothing but loyal- thru the ups and downs. This season was looking so bright! We stomped Vandy last weekend!


My Bulldawgs (yes, DAWGS) looked to be heading toward a fabulous season with our Heisman canidate, Todd Gurley. TG3. THE MAN!


Gurley girls were cheering our fella on! Now enter, yesterday. My ESPN app began going off like crazy. I only have UGA alerts on. It’s Thursday, what the heck?



So, he’s suspended for the *suspicion* of selling his autograph. Grumble.

This Southern Belle will not be so cordial come this weekend. We face Mizzou. Crap.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

So, if I am missing from the world wide web the next few days, just know I will be back- I just need to mourn my Bulldawgs season. Sigh.
That is *if* we lose. I just hope they can get their heads together without Gurley! Here’s to hoping!

Go Dawgs, SIC EM!



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