I Can’t Seem to Help It


Baby on the brain. Craziness. Baby fever. Bio clock ticking.

Whatever you wish to call it, I’ve got it, bad! My fiance caught me yesterday and called me out.

We were helping out friend move. We were gathering final bits and I noticed his sister was leaving behind a very nice pack n play stuffed full of baby stuff. (Her son is 2 now)

So, this compulsion took over. I had to have it. I don’t know WHY- but it called my name. Loudly! I hop to and begin digging out the stuff. I was carefully tossing things I wanted into one pile and tossing the rest into a trash box. I was almost done, finish line in sight, when my fiance walked by. (Damn)

“Wha-what are you doing?” He almost kept walking but then as if an imaginary hook caught him, he paused and pondered.

“Cleaning this out, it’s a niiiice pack n play” I whispered.

His eyes narrow. “Why?!”

“It’s nice and…” I stammer

“We DON’T have a baby!” He’s flabbergasted.

“…but Baby J (besties baby)…” I mutter then he cuts me off.

“Already has one… put it back! Help with the stuff THEY want!” And he huffs off.

Shot down. Dammit. And made to feel crazy on top of it all. I DID get a bag of clothes to give to my bestie though. Ha. He shut up on that one. Anyhoo… til next time… ♡♡♡



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