One in Seventy Million

Have you seen this story? If not, please take a moment to read!

One in Seventy Million Quads

So, basically, this couple had to resort to IVF treatments to start their family. After the fertilization process, they had two viable embryos.

So, as anyone who knows even a little bit about IVF knows, this couple was expecting at most, two babies. Most couples would expect one or none. Implantation is a tricky thing!


So this ↑↑↑↑ face is a totally expected reaction to finding out you are carrying not one, not two, not three, but FOUR babies! Yes, FOUR! Both embryos did not only implant, but they divided into TWO SETS of identical twins. An one in seventy million occurance.

Now, I do not know yet what my road to motherhood entails, but stories like this scare the ever loving bejeezus outta me. I don’t know yet if IVF is in our cards- whether if it is needed or whether it would even be an option if it was. All the same, multiple births scare me!

I know the challenges that one infant gives new parents. Four? Heh. I’d lose it. Mind blown. Pick me up off the floor. I would need psychological help for that! Jeez. Not saying I wouldn’t see it through or love the kids all the same, it would just be a heck of a difficult journey!

More power to this couple! They seem jazzed about it! Congrats and kudos to them! They are stronger than me! What do y’all think? How would YOU handle that kind of news? Tell me in the comments below. ↓↓↓↓



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