Even though I am not yet pregnant, I fear things about pregnancy.

The biggest fear being a c-section.

I found this blog post via Pintrest:
6 Ways to Avoid a Cesarean Section

Great blog post! I am already working on tip #1. But this post states that 1 in 3 women give birth via a section.  ONE IN THREE!
Those odds frighten me! I DO NOT want to get cut. The idea nauseates me.

It also lists several “interventions” that my friends think I am crazy for wanting to avoid. The main one being- an epidural. This article confirms one of my reasons I do not want one, it slows labor!

My reasons to say NO to the big E:

1. It slows labor. ^^^ Covered that.

2. Big needle + Spine= No. I do not covet the idea of an epically huge needle going anywhere near my spinal cord. Nope.

3. My mom. When my mom had me, the doctors knicked her spinal cord while giving the epidural causing her to have a debilitating headache. I was sent to the NICU and she couldn’t even get out of the bed to see me. Again, no thanks!

There are more reasons, but those are the major three. Call me crazy, but I’d rather “feel it all” than have the complications!

Next intervention mentioned is Induction.

Now, this is particularly relevant as my “best friend” is being induced in about 6 hours. I do not agree with this option- but she is so over being pregnant that I do not think she paused to consider it is not a good option.

I like my MIL’s saying: “When the apple’s ripe,  it’ll fall.”

Due dates are just good guesses, anyway. I think inducing is an easier option for the doctor and the mothers are so ready… they don’t pause to think. Starting labor before the cervix is ready and adding Pitocin is a bad cocktail of hard labor without results. Which coincides with… dun dun duuuuunnnn… C-SECTION!

Check out the article. It makes a lot of sense and to me, confirms my stance of au natural birthing is the way to go.

Just wanna talk?

↓↓↓ Have at it! ↓↓↓



4 thoughts on “Fears

  1. I fully agree with you on the whole “interventions” thing. I’ve done a lot of reading on it too, and I don’t want any of it either. Of course there are situations where it is medically necessary for either your safety or the baby’s or both, but from a lot of what I’ve read, the reason for that statistic is because of a few reasons.
    a) there are a lot of women who opt for it specifically because it’s “easier”
    b) doctors (as opposed to midwives) are more likely to push for a cesarean because it’s faster and easier for them…they can knock out a quick c-section and run along to the next one, maybe delivering 8 babies in a day as opposed to waiting and waiting for mothers in labor to give birth naturally in which case they may only deliver 2
    c) of course there are the medically necessary situations

    Considering you expressed your viewpoint of preferring the au natural method, if you haven’t looked into midwives I would absolutely suggest that, there are even “birthing centers” that are sterile like a hospital but honor the fact that birth is a very natural process! ^_^ You may already know all about it, just it’s something I’ve only learned exists recently and I’m excited to share my findings, haha ^_^

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    • I’ve thought about it, but I can’t say for sure it is an option I will have. For one, there aren’t many near me and two when I get insurance… I dunno if it will cover that. Or if I can even afford it with insurance. But its something I’d love to do if it is an option when the time comes 🙂


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