Oh Baby…


Baby Fever. Those pesky two words! 9 letters ruling my life at the moment.

Babies, babies, babies!

I found an article thru Pintrest, it is called “Pregnancy is Contagious.”
What? Really! Pffft.
Pregnancy, is not contagious!
Baby Fever, THAT is contagious!

Looking at my Pintrest board… there is more baby/kid related items than anything else. Seriously. More than what appears publicly, too. I pin pregnancy stuff privately- as not to raise my aunt’s eyebrows. I know I would get an “is there something I should know” call otherwise.

My phone’s internet browser has more pregnancy sites pinned than my best friend- who by the way is ready to launch her 2nd any day now. Sad, I know. This is how I determined that my baby fever has escalated to baby influenza. This started as a joke. I am pondering the hilarity of it now.

I feel under-supported in this phase. Look up baby fever on Pintrest. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Back so soon, eh? My point, exactly. If it’s so prevalent… where are y’all? Scream out to me! I need my fellow feverers! We need a bat signal. Perhaps a big bio-clock… ha!

Til next time♥♥



2 thoughts on “Oh Baby…

  1. Oh my goodness, I HAVE THE FEVER TOO. In fact, I found your blog (this post specifically, actually) by searching the tag “Baby fever” because I seriously need to find other crazies like me for confirmation that I’m not the only one!!! Your post seriously clicks so well with me it’s like I wrote it in a dead sleep only to wake up and find it like “What the eff…when did I write this?”


    You have a new follower. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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