Even after my last post, my mind is still storming around like a two year old with it’s feelings hurt. I still have venting to do. So, therefore, you get a double dose of thought today.

Cutting to the chase- I feel underappreciated. My best friend and her man are expecting #2 anyday now and I just left from there after a false alarm. I bend over backwards for them. I won’t go into specfics, but lets just say, if it wasn’t for me- they wouldn’t be living so cushy.

When we left, I felt like an unwelcomed guest. No, thanks for coming… sorry for the false alarm or sorry you had no rest because you slept on a love seat in a room with no air conditioning. It is agrivating to say the least. I am helping you when I SHOULD be looking out for number one.

After this kid arrives, I need to buckle it down. I am fulfilling my last promise to them- watching their kid while they are in the hospital… then I am done with miss nice lady. I need to focus on getting my FIRST here. No longer going to put my dreams on the back burner to facilitate your dreams.  Period. I need to focus on me. I’m tired of doing for others and then getting treated like its not enough but see them achieve the things I want while they stand on my back. It’s over… I am done.

Ahh. My shoulders feel lighter now.



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