The Ol’ Oven…and Pre-Heating It

Ladies! I need your advice. I have times when my cycle gets off kilter. I have taken Chasteberry in the past and it kicked it right back into place. I was thinking of starting this again, but as a daily regimen along with a prenatal to start “pre-heating” my oven, so to speak.

Any of you out there tried this? Have you had success? If not with this combo, what worked for you? I would love for some feedback. As I am on a journey not just to lose weight, but to condition my entire body for carrying a child and of course “the oven” is the most crucial part. Thanks in advance!



2 thoughts on “The Ol’ Oven…and Pre-Heating It

    • I am not, I do not have insurance. I am hoping to find a natural way to regulate it. When I had insurance several years back, I had to take a weeks worth of pills to throw my cycle back in sync. Now I am trying my own methods. I am getting slow results. :/


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