Tick, Tock Goes the Clock…

Baby Fever- A woman who desires a baby, usually when others around her start having babies.

Do I have baby fever? No. I feel like at this point it is baby influenza.     

At this point, I feel like the only woman my age who is in a stable, commited relationship that does not have a child. In fact, most of my friends are on baby #2. I see my window closing and it leaves me feeling useless.

I am also feeling a bit insane. I constantly research baby topics. Natural births, breast feeding, cry it out vs co sleeping, attachment parenting, crunchy parenting- I’ve seen it all and even have formed my own opinions and picked out what styles I like. All while knowing I am nowhere close to being pregnant.

It’s become a bit worrisome to even myself. I mean, I am sure I throw people off guard when I start speaking my bits of baby knowledge and they know I am not a mom. I mean, seriously… I must seem nutty.

But, its like I can’t help it. It’s my security blanket. If I can’t be pregnant yet, I want to know all about it. I am soaking it all in like I am studying for an exam.

I plan to start reviewing articles I find and post them on here. Hell, if I can’t do anything else but document for later… that’s what i will do. Sure, it’s feeding my crazy, but what I am hoping is that this will reach other women like me. I need some support, because the kind of support I need cannot be found in my real life. I feel alone in this journey. I need some company on this trip!



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