So, Here We Are…

So, most TTC blogs are about just that- trying to conceive. My situation is a bit different. I don’t know what it would be called, maybe TTTTC? “Trying to try to conceive?”

So, here’s the picture: I am 27, I am engaged, and I desperately want to begin our family. However there are a few road blocks in our path. The biggest being- my weight. I am 5’2″ and weigh a shameful 210lbs. My fiance and I worry my current weight would cause an unhealthy pregnancy.

When I started I was 230lbs, so I have had some progress, but I feel stalled out. I’ve hit an invisible wall. I’m frustrated and feel like I am spinning my wheels. To make matters worse, it seems like everyone is pregnant. Like the world is taunting me.

I am writing this because in my search of blogs I have found: mommy blogs and TTC blogs, but no “I want a baby, but can’t try yet cause I’m fat” blogs.

I’m frustrated, upset, and feel my bio clock not only ticking, but chiming loudly like Big Ben. Any other women out there like me? Or am I destined to be the lonely fatty who looks at her fat tummy and wishes it was a baby bump?



3 thoughts on “So, Here We Are…

  1. Hey hey hey..! One step at a time! You have time. Just look at the positive side, you’ve lost a bit of weight AND you’ve quit smoking! I was smoking right through my first month of pregnancy, before I even found out that I was pregnant!

    So, don’t worry about your weight and focus on your mood and be happy all the time. Trust me, that will make you a lot more healthier and happier.

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